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Failed Drug Test – The Reason Why…

By the time of reading this you may have come across a number of claims through social media and blogs that state in some form or other that ‘Rob Riches failed a drug test’ or  ‘Rob Riches banned for drug

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Deadlifts & The Back-Drop Method

Training back has always been one of my favorite muscle groups to workout, and one of the reasons why is due to my strength pulling weights rather than pushing them. I was looking forward to today’s back workout and getting

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LA Lamborghini Gallardo P’shoot

Today I had the opportunity to drive one of my dream cars – a Lamborghini Gallardo, around the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. Actually, this shoot wasn’t for me, but I did make up one half the production company, (that

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Sprints, Jumps, & Runs

After several months of limiting my cardio to just the stationary bike for my contest prep, I decided to break free from tradition and go back to the parkor/freerunning inspired cardio that I enjoy so much more. Upon waking this

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Final Day of Snowboarding & Shoot at the Studio

Eggs & Pancakes - Rob Riches

  It’s the last day at Big Bear today and my ‘treat meal’ was good ‘ol fashioned pancakes. (unlike my healthy protein pancakes that I’ll usually make once or twice a week). To add some protein along with the carbs,

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The Right Kit for the Job!

Rob Riches Snowboarding

Yesterday I bought my own snowboard set up after years of just renting whenever I came to the mountains. Today I put my new kit to use at Summit Mountain in Big Bear and found it made all the difference

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My Weekend at Big Bear Mountain

New Snowboarding Kit - Rob Riches

  One of my many goals for 2012 was to  branch out a little from my usual workout and incorporate some more functional ways of staying active, and have fun doing it. I first began to snowboard when I was

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Visual Confirmation for Increased Motivation

When I woke this morning – a few minutes before my alarm went off at 5.30 am, I lay there for a few minutes thinking to myself if I had the energy to get up and go and do my

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New Street Series Workout Videos

I was pleased to see that two of my recent street video workouts have been uploaded by Prozis Nutrition. Over the following months, I shall be filming further outdoor workout shows, that really does get the heart pumping, and muscles

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Sports Model Workshop

Again, another hectic week for me, back and forth from LA to London, but what a week it’s been. I’ve just returned from London where I held my biggest Sports Model Workshop ever, with 46 people attending, some traveling as

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