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My Weekend at Big Bear Mountain


One of my many goals for 2012 was to  branch out a little from my usual workout and incorporate some more functional ways of staying active, and have fun doing it. I first began to snowboard when I was 14 – going with my cousins to the French Alps, and over the years have gone only a handful of times. Since moving to Los Angeles almost 5 years ago, I’m much closer to Big Bear Mountain (less than a 2-hour drive from where I now live), and so have made it a goal to snowboard as many times this year as I have over the past 10. I filmed a couple of shows for one of clients we manage at the studio at Big Bear at the start of this year, and managed to get a day’s boarding in a few weeks earlier when I came up for my birthday, and now try to come back a couple of times each month (during the remainder of the season, which is about mid-march).

Previously I’ve always rented, but now that I’ll be coming back practically every other weekend, I wanted to invest in some quality kit. While filming one of the shows at Blauer ski & board shop, I got to know one of the pro-boarders for DC (best known for skateboard shoes), who managed to hook me up with a great set up that consisted of DC board, Burton bindings, Flow boots, and DC Pants/Trousers, gloves and an RVCA t-shirt.

I’ll get some video of me boarding and post it on a future blog.

I’ve traveled light as I’m only staying two nights and will be on the slopes for most of that time. For food, I cooked up some chicken and chicken thighs (after trimming all the fat), along with some yams, sweet potato and butternut squash (all diced and steamed), and some steamed broccoli and green beans with pan-fried red onion, mushroom and red peppers. I cooked up enough for 5 large meals, and the rest being made up of protein shakes, and oats in the morning.

Even with heavy traffic on the way up, (doubling the usual 2-hour drive up to Big Bear), and an hour in the board shop (I was the last one at when they closed at 10pm) I was still feeling up for a quick run, especially as I had started one back in LA earlier that day only to hold off ready to train legs just a few hours later.

It’s not that I love running per se, it’s more about ‘where I run’, and ‘when I run’. Usually it has to be early morning or late at night, when it’s the first or last thing that I do in the day. As for where it is, I have to be running outside, usually around Downtown Los Angeles or somewhere like up in the mountains, like I did tonight.



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