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Gluten-Free Mocha Chocolate Peppermint & Walnut Brownies

Shot with DXO ONE Camera

  Sssh, don’t tell anyone, but I’m secretly a big foodie! In fact, Chocolate is one of my weaknesses, so I set out to create the ultimate treat that hits all the right sweet spots, yet still won’t throw my

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4 Different Breakfast Meals – All Same Macros


If you’re anything like me then breakfast is also your favorite meal of the day. It’s not only the first meal I get to eat and provide nourishment to my body, but it also a big part of my motivation

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Rice Cake Recipes

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Rice Cakes may be considered a staple of the diet for bodybuilders and fitness competitors, but for even the most dedicated of dieters they can appear bland, tasteless, and usually need extra protein added to them. Choosing the right type

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Carb Cycling Simplified


Carb cycling has been a method used by many top bodybuilders and athletes to allow them to continue dropping body fat without sacrificing much muscle. For many, this simply means having less or no carbs for a few days, or even

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Overview of Rob Riches Diet

I decided to write this blog and show what I see many of you search for ‘Rob Riches Diet’, whilst I prepare for a photo shoot in late June for my supplement brand, Bserk. It’s currently the last week of

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Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Manwich

Once a year, American families get together for Thanksgiving and enjoy endless turkey, yams, stuffing, and good ‘ol cranberry sauce, eat too much, then all fall asleep in front of the TV, leaving a feast of leftovers for days to come. I

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Halloween Pumpkin Recipes

Just like with any national holiday, food always seems to be a big part of the celebration, and so for this years Halloween I wanted to create 2 recipes using pumpkin – an often-overlooked source of fiber, and show how to

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Calorie Consistency


  Calorie consistency could be the final obstacle holding you back from achieving that ultra lean physique you’ve been training for. This article expands on the topic of calorie consistency and provides examples of how a few simple changes can

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Prevent Muscle Loss During Ramadan

I have a lot of people asking me about Ramadan, which is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting (abstaining from eating and drinking) beginning at dawn and ending at sunset, and how to maintain lean muscle mass.

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Carb Loading During Peak Week

If you know someone who has competed, or are planning on doing so yourself, then you have probably heard of the term ‘Peak Week’. What this really means is that during the final week prior to stepping on stage, or

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Calorie Needs to Build Muscle & Lose Fat


Our calorie needs differ from day to day, but by understanding and knowing what your body requires, you can provide it with more of what it needs to be one step closer to gaining muscle and lowering body fat levels. Wanting

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Your Guide To Food Shopping

Knowing which foods to buys that will help contribute towards your fitness goal can leave you wondering aimlessly around the store, either picking up everything that interests you, or scaling back on everything and missing out on a few vital

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How I Helped My Training Partner Understand His Nutrition


My training partner has been talking to me for some time about wanting to get in his best shape ever, and walk around at below 6% body fat. He’s currently 237lbs (107kg) at 6’2”, and already carrying a good amount

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Egg Protein Pancake Recipe

Last week was a busy week in the True Performance Nutrition office, as besides dealing with the usual array of new stock and working with manufacturers on new formulas, we had TEAM TPN Athlete, Edwina Cheer stop by to join

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All Time Cheat Meal Binge In Vegas

If you’ve been following me regularly through Twitter you would have seen that last weekend (Memorial Day Weekend), I was in Las Vegas. Not for any competition, fitness convention, or even to drink and enjoy the pool parties. No, I

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My Experience On The Paleo Diet

Seeing as though I’ve spoken a lot recently about my Paleo diet and preparing for photo shoots and competitions, it was an obvious choice that my next blog should discuss the two together. Before I start on what to do, I

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The Paleo Diet Explained

What is the paleo diet

I’ve been getting asked a lot about my paleo diet this year, and so wanted to give a more detailed explanation as to what it’s all about and why I’m following it. The paleo diet has been getting a lot of

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My Paleo Diet

After a busy 2012, with focus on business and work, I decided to turn my focus in 2013 towards stepping back on stage. After all, it’s what I enjoy, and after speaking to many of my followers at various expos

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Baked Tuna Spud

If you’ve seen my previous post you may think that I have a bit of an obsession with tinned tuna, but I’m just using up the last of what I have before I go food shopping and restock the kitchen.

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Toasted Tuna Melt

After speaking to my folks back home in England, it got me thinking about the food I used to eat and enjoy before I got into my training at age 14/15 and started to cut back from certain foods that weren’t

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