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Ten Tips For The Perfect Cover Shoot

One of the first things that inspired me to pick up my first weight was seeing the cover models on the likes of Men’s Health when I was around the age of 14. Being on the cover of a magazine

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Ironman Photo Shoot – Top 10 Prep Points

It’s been a while since I’ve last done a photo shoot for any magazine, mainly because I’ve been focusing on my main businesses, (video production & supplements), but last Friday I had the opportunity to shoot with the great Michael

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Preparing for a photo shoot

Little over 5 years ago, the only aesthetic (and athletic!) competitions available for many were bodybuilding and powerlifting shows. Both of which you needed to be big and strong to perform well in. Those who did well were naturally big

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Maximum Fitness Photoshoot

It felt great to get back in front of the camera today, and really see the hard work in the gym over the previous months pay off. I shot with Cory Sorenson, who is truly one of the top fitness

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