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HIGH TENSION | August 2015 – Writer  Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.32.20 AM
Sometimes, how you lift is more important than how much. Pro physique model Rob Riches explains how to use muscular tension for big results. Feeling the tension? You should be. It’s easy enough to rep out curls like Ron Burgundy, but for real results your body needs more attention. Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.32.09 AM
EXPERT TRAINING TALK  | November 2014 – Feature  M&FLogo
For many fitness-minded folk, it’s the ultimate adventure: swapping Britain’s grey skies for the California sun and becoming a cover model. Many dream it; few achieve it. Rob Riches is an exception: he’s a successful physique competitor, much-published model and has his own sports nutrition company. M&F_ExpertTalk
TRAIN PHYSIQUE – CHEST  | August 2014 – Feature  M&FLogo
Rob Riches is renowned for staying shredded all year round so he’s always ready for photo shoots. His body fat rarely goes above 8% and has even been as low as 2.8% when competing in bodybuilding. To maintain that level of conditioning, Robs training sessions are all-out hard and heavy right from the start. M&F_TrainPhysique_Chest
CHEST OVERLOAD | May 2013 – Model/Writer  UltraFitLogo
Rob Riches talks you through his chest training routine and explains why it works for him and why it will for you! I start my typical chest training routine by warming up the chest with the incline bench. Doing this not only prepares me physically by stretching my muscles through the movements that I will be doing later with heavier weights, but also increases blood flow and nutrients to my chest muscles.
NICE BODY 12-Part Series  | Jan – Dec 2012 – Video Feature  M&FLogo
In our new monthly feature and accompanying video, Muscle and Fitness sends Rob Riches, a leading fitness model and bodybuilder competitor on both sides of the Atlantic, on a series of sports-specific fitness challenges to see just how well his perfect form can actually M&F_NiceBody
REAR DELT PRIORITY TRAINING | November 2011 – Model/Video  MaximumFitnessLogo
To ensure well-rounded shoulders that resist injury, and make you look good coming and going, try these workouts. Optimal resistance training takes into consideration the relationship of muscles to each other. For example, you can focus so much on building your quads while ignoring your hamstrings that eventually the front thighs overpower the RearDeltTraining
CHEST MATE | February 2011 – Model  InsideFitnessLogo
This chest specialization routine is set up as two different workouts. in workout #1, which should be your first workout of the week, ideally on Sunday or Monday, the focus is on basic lifts for low reps, which hits your fast twitch muscle fibers that are used for short bursts of intense lifting. InsideFitness_ChestMate
TURN YOUR BODY INTO A GYM | September 2011 – Model  MaximumFitnessLogo
If you’re dying to train but a gym isn’t available, do this serious body-weight workout. It’s arguably the best non-equipment routine you can try for packing on muscle, shedding tons of fat and building amazing endurance. Fitness fads come and go, but the essential equipment remains the same. Dumbbells, barbells and weight plates are all you really need— actually, check that.   BodyIntoaGym
A DAY WITH ROB RICHES | SPRING 2011 – Video/Feature/Cover Model  SweatEquityLogo
In an endless search to find the best workouts in the GTA, Rob Riches our cover model agreed to be our first ‘guinea pig’ and be taken through the paces by some of the city’s top trainers 
FIT&FIRM | April 2011 – Model/Writer  Fit&FirmMagazine
Wanting to lose weight, often for vanity reasons, is nothing new. It has simply been a focus of attention thanks largely to the popular media and the increasing pressure from the multi-billion dollar diet and weight loss industry telling us to lose fat and shape up to keep their business booming. Information is perhaps the single greatest tool when it comes to losing weight, and I’m not just speaking about a reduction in body weight, I mean body fat. Fit&Firm-EatingYourselfWithin
FIT CITY | March 2011 – Feature/Cover Model  FitCityNewsLogo
Need a helping hand getting back in the game? Rob Riches, a professional fitness model and competitor gives you a kickstart to getting your grove back in the gym. FitCity_YogaFeature
POWERTEC CATALOG | February 2011 – Model/Cover Model  PowertecLogo
Los Angeles based, London-born fitness personality Rob Riches has already made quite a name for himself in the world of health and fitness. As a World physique champion across a number of federations, he has appeared on magazine covers and in numerous publications, and hosting and producing a series of shows for Sky TV, as well as building a following of fans across a range of social and video sites for his knowledge in health and fitness. PowertecCover
PROZIS TV | 2011 – Current. Host/Presenter  ProzisLogo
We are Europe’s biggest and the World’s second biggest online retailer, shipping thousands of orders each day to thousands of clients. On a daily basis, we send out more orders than all other online stores in Europe, which is why we are market leaders in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. Rob Riches is our main presenter and host of a series of health related video shows that we air across multiple ProzisTV
9 FIXES TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE | May 2010 – Model/Cover Model  InsideFitnessLogo
Some people might try to tell you that the first steps are always the hardest. Unless you’re a toddler, we disagree. The first steps into the gym to workout or the kitchen to eat clean aren’t hard – they’re exciting; they’re rewarding; they can even be intense. InsideFitness_9Fixes
GROW YOUR CHEST | January 2010 – Model/Cover Model  MaximumFitnessLogo
There isn’t a single guy who wouldn’t want to add another inch of real estate to his chest. But earning it, especially when your body has already hit a peak in your physique, requires the right strategy— one that leaves your muscles no choice but to get bigger or get lost. That’s why we designed the ideal three-week plan that’s guaranteed to pack on an inch of muscle (or more) in just 21 days  MaximumFitness_GrowYourChest
A BODYBUILDER IS BORN | January 2009 – Model  IronmanMagazineLogo
Ron Harris teaches his young protégé how to plan for more muscle. Eight pounds of pure muscle in the right places makes a big difference in a physique, junior,” I informed him. “I like to use the old analogy Mike Mentzer made famous. He used to tell you to imagine what that amount, in this case eight pounds, would look like if it was raw steak piled on a table in front of you. That’s when you get a better appreciation for just how much muscle it really represents.  ABodybuilderBorn
PERSONAL TRAINER OF THE MONTH | July 2008 – Feature  BodyBuilding.comLogo
Congratulations Rob on being our Personal Trainer Of The Month! Rob was awarded the Personal Trainer of the Month for his successful transformation of hundreds of bodies, and his endeavoring commitment towards the sport that we here at all love so much.  PersonalTrainerMonth
REBUILDING RON LESTER | June 2008 – Video/Feature  BodyBuilding.comLogo
MuscleMania World Champion & FAME Pro Muscle Model Rob Riches meets Hollywood comedian Ron Lester and helps build his body back up after multiple surgeries and rapid weight loss. In this new video series, MuscleMania World Champion & FAME Pro Muscle Model Rob Riches trains Hollywood comedian Ron Lester and helps build his body back up after multiple surgeries and rapid weight loss. watch-video-button RebuildingRonLester
THE ACTIVE CHANNEL  | 2008 2009 – Presenter  TheActiveChannelLogo
Hollywood Extra brings you the hottest guys and girls from the World’s most glamorous place! Join our host, Rob Riches, and he introduces us to some of the biggest names in fitness, sports, and modeling from around Los LAMuscleTV

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