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4 Movements For Bigger Triceps

Triceps Thumbnail

When it comes to Arm day, the Biceps no doubt take center stage, and steal the limelight away from the triceps. It’s about time we give the muscle at the back some love, especially when the triceps make up about

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4 Exercises You Need To Be Doing For A Complete Chest Workout

Floor Chest Press

Chest has always been a favorite of mine to train. Not just because a great chest can literally make a break a man (and women), certainly when on stage, but also because I see the weights and the muscles working

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10 Bicep Exercises You Need To Be Doing

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Have you ever found yourself questioning your workouts as you perform the same old tired exercises and wondering why you aren’t seeing any gains or progress? This is why I wanted to write this 10 bicep exercises post, and offer up

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Shoulder Exercises & Workouts

Single arm Front Raise

Big, wide shoulders signify power and inspire a dose of respect from other men, as well as being attractive to women. Big shoulders frame the entire torso and allow a shirt to just hang off you. However, shoulder-width is typically

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Biceps Exercises & Workouts

Front Double Biceps Pose

If your wanting big, bulging arms, bar curls are perhaps the most fundamental of all exercises for the biceps, but they’ll only take you so far in in your quest for huge biceps. Variety and execution using the right form

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Rob Riches & Steve Cook Arm Workout


Two of the biggest names in the fitness industry, Steve Cook and Rob Riches join each other at the World-famous Gold’s Gym (Mecca) in Venice, California , to train Triceps and Biceps together, and discuss different training methods, physiques, and

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Get A Six Pack


If there is one muscle that we all want to show, it has got to be six pack abs right? Considered the corner-stone of physical fitness, a clearly defined, toned mid-section tells the world that you’re one of the elite

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Fat Loss Through Cardio


One of the questions that I’m often asked is ‘Which type of cardio is best for fat loss?’ and my answer is anything but a simple one.  Just like with the typical questions such as ‘what is the best food

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Build & Protect the Lower Back

Towards the end of this 12-part #RichRequest Training Series, I’ve been focusing more on weak-point training, and the lower back is a weak point for me – especially when compared to my front. Therefore I dedicate this weeks  blog and

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Hammer Those Hamstrings

Legs for me used to be the last muscle group I would train in the week, but over the years and after numerous competitions and photo shoots, I’ve come to really appreciate just how important a well developed and balanced

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Bigger Calves Workout

If you’ve been struggling to grow your calf muscles no matter what you do to them, it may not be a question of what you’re doing, but rather what you’re not doing with them. Within this blog I detail my

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Bigger Forearm Workout

Within this blog I show you my best exercises for training forearms to not only balance your physique out and give you fuller, stronger looking arms, but also to help strengthen and improve your grip strength on a number of

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Top 5 Bicep Peak Exercises

This week’s blog is dedicated to ‘Top 5 Bicep Peak Exercises’. One of the most common questions I’m asked is: “How do you get those peaks in your biceps?”. The answer I always give is that it’s largely due to the

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Develop that Tear-Drop Vastus Medialis Leg Muscle

Rob Riches Leg Exercises

Legs have always been a weaker muscle group for me in comparison to my upper body, especially my vastus medialis, but over the years  I have worked hard to add both size and conditioning to my legs whereas it seemed to

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Upper Chest Workout


The chest has always been one of my favorite muscle groups to train, but I noticed my upper chest wasn’t as well developed and needed some attention if I were to match it with the proportions of the mid section

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Get Shredded Shoulders

Shoulders have always been one of my favorite muscles to workout. When I’m dialed in close to a competition or photo shoot, all my muscle fibers can be seen in my deltoid heads (the three finger-like muscles on the end

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Get a V-Taper Back


Week 2 of my new video training series, and for this workout I’m addressing a question from my Twitter page asking to see a back workout, specifically how to get that V-taper look. If you wanted to request muscle groups

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Triceps Superset Combo


I’ve recently started back doing video blogs again after finding a great new gym in Torrance, California – called Powerhouse Gym. This blog below details the exercises I performed within my Tricep routine. You can also see the video at

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Rob Riches Arm Workout

Just like with my last blogs post on my shoulder routine, today’s bicep routine is pretty similar in the methods used. Warm up with some big, basic movements at about 50% – 60% of your usual weight for that exercise

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Rob Riches Chest Workout

Over the years, I’ve posted a lot of training videos and to this day, my chest workouts are by far one of the most popular muscle groups and have received over a million views and counting. While I’m usually seen

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